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We are a tight knit team of experienced web artisans with a relentless passion for creating clear and thoughtful products.

Founded in 2019 and based in Lisbon. We are a service oriented company with excellent work ethics and a problem solving mindset, we like to keep it simple, useful and functional. Big or small, no matter the technology, we deliver!

Squarebit offers a range of professional services and dedicated web solutions focused on quality, unique design and customer satisfaction.

We work remotely from Lisbon—to anywhere in the world. If you're interested in working together on your next project, send us an email with details describing your needs.

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Some of our work

Iberian Polyphony


An open-access resource and research tool for musicologists, musicians, and interdisciplinary scholars working in the field of Iberian Studies. The Archive gathers information regarding Iberian polyphonic repertories both sacred and secular, their basic musical parameters, texts, sources and composers.

Lost & found


Analysing and reconstructing 16th-century Portuguese polyphony. The Lost&Found project explores the neglected repertories of mid to late sixteenth-century Portuguese polyphony by analysing coherent collections of complete works and essaying the reconstruction of missing voices in incomplete sets of manuscript partbooks. It Provides a built in musical score viewer so the user can access and analyse its contents together with the supporting information.



Music paper and handwriting studies in Portugal (18th and 19th centuries). The case study of the collection of the Count of Redondo, aims to systematically record and digitally preserve the watermarks and paper-types (the conjunction of the watermark and the number and size of staves drawn by rastra) of the Count of Redondo Collection music manuscripts.

Portuguese Early Music Database

In progress

The Portuguese Early Music Database allows free and universal access to a large number of manuscripts with musical notation mostly written before c. 1650 preserved in many different libraries and archives in Portugal and surrounding Spanish locations.

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We love opensource and specialise in Drupal & Laravel.

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Verify your emails to save on your marketing budget and protect your sender reputation.

An online email validation service that identifies false or disposable email addresses built by Squarebit

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